Our Story

The Cuffed Design brand establishes handmade quality and craftsmanship as its number one pillar. Through the process of incorporating fashion and quality leather works, we provide a custom design to our clients. It is an undying appreciation for the raw human element of construction that allows our company to focus on the product’s detail. From cutting, our product engineering is inherently one of a kind, as we hand emboss, dye, sow, and bevel the leather to maintain its quality.

Leather is one of nature’s most versatile and sensual materials. It offers style and durability in a variety of authentic finishes, textures and colors. Cuffed Design apparel and accessories are designed with a high quality and chic style in mind. Our remarkable leather fashions will provide YOU with a unique versatile look that can complement any outing or occasion. Our company’s goal is to highlight the essence of leather, its characteristics, its value, and its beauty, while sustaining the natural raw feel of the material.